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Debt - 911 in association with  Justin Van As and Associates helps over-indebted individuals to devise an affordable repayment plan which will be acceptable to their  creditors.

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Debt Counselling Process

Debt consolidation is the process of folding one’s debt into a single account which is then managed by your appointed debt management team who also manages your relationship with your creditors.

Debt consolidation on your behalf should only be done by a trained professional who is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). The process takes approximately sixty days provided you supply your debt consolidator with all the details of your debts.

Debt Counselling Is All We Do!

debt_911Clients don’t necessarily have to meet with a member of the Debt 911 team. Ideally a telephone conversation is required and the remainder of the process can be handled via e-mail. Once a debt consolidation specialist has assessed your situation, you will be informed of a number of options available to you. Should you decide to proceed with your application, your appointed debt consolidation specialist will, in consultation with you and your creditors, devise an affordable repayment schedule.

The debt consolidation process normally results in renegotiated interest repayment rates and or extended repayment periods, and by law one is protected from any form of legal action during the 60 day period from when it is announced that an individual is in the process of consolidating his debt.

Debt Rescue 911, powered by Justin Van As are specialist debt consolidators registered with the NCR and have extensive experience in this field. Debt Rescue 911 aims to provide clients with the best advice and service to relieve your financial stress.

You can read about some Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Debt Counselling here.

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