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During Covid-19 


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa is increasing daily as evidenced in the rapidly rising number of infections and related deaths.

The Covid19 pandemic truly created an unprecedented situation which affects all of us and difficult decisions needed to be made to protect lives.

As per regulations our staff is working from remote locations and as a result of this we therefore anticipate a possible delay in turnaround time to queries and requests.

Use the specific email address provided below and the correct team will receive and process your requests. This eliminates the handover of tasks and thus also any unnecessary delays in processing your requests.

Departmental Contacts 

Only for COB’s and updated balances                5 Days

All proposal responses and proposal requests

All debt review-related legal documents

All termination notifications and re instatements        5 Days   

All general inquiries         3 Days

All other debt review queries (i.e. statements, etc.)       5 Days

Escalations       5 Days

All other debt review queries (i.e. statements, etc.)     5 Days

17.1 request or amendments



Fill out your details below and an experienced debt counsellor will call you back to discuss your personal situation.

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We Give You

Debt Freedom

We will put you on the path to debt debt freedom

Debt Review in 5 Easy Steps

More Cash in your Pocket

Clients under debt counselling are left with up to 30% more cash in hand for their regular expenses which is an important step on one’s journey to regaining one’s financial freedom.

Protect your important possessions

Your house and car will not be repossessed providing you continue to make the regular, lower monthly installments.

We negotiate with your creditors

We negotiate and communicate directly with your creditors on your behalf so you wont have to.

Access to the best counselling experts

You have access to the best financial debt counselling experts who are not only experienced but most importantly are accredited by the NCR.

1 reduced payment per month.

We collect 1 affordable monthly payment then distribute this to all your existing creditors on your behalf.



Debt Problems

Fill out your details below and an experienced debt counsellor will call you back to discuss your personal situation.

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How Did You Find Us?

Let us ease your debt burden

Benefits of debt review

Emerging debt free at the end of the process

retaining your valuable personal belongings

protected from aggressive legal recovery processes

Pay an affordable fixed monthly amount and emerge with a clean credit record

Our Services:

Debt Review & Debt Counselling

Designed to offer consumers a level of protection, the National Credit Act allows over indebted consumers the ability to pay off their debts in a manner that is acceptable to one’s creditors and whilst being affordable and simultaneously protecting one’s possessions.

Personal Financial Budgeting

Debt 911 will analyse your budget and will calculate a reduced, more affordable installment leaving you enough money to see you through the month comfortably. We will then inform and negotiate with your creditors enabling you to pay the lower amount.

Debtor Mediation

Debt 911 will negotiate with all your creditors with the aim of reducing your overall monthly installments. Note that it is possible that your creditors may require a higher installment amount than that presented in the initial repayment proposal.

Debt-911 will conduct a free assessment              of your personal financial situation and offer advice and assistance to put you on the path to financial freedom.

Are you over-indebted?

We will determine whether you are indeed legally over-indebted and will assist you by negotiating with your creditors to reduce your monthly repayments to a more affordable level, taking basic living expenses, housing, transport, groceries, school fees etc into account.

You needent do a thing, as we will negotiate hard on your behalf and guarantee a lower monthly replayment plan.

Need help with your debt?

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Pay Less every month and get on the path to financial freedom.

If you have a regular income enabling you to make regular monthly repayments and you find yourself unable to afford to pay your monthly vehicle, house, credit card and store card repayments, rather than wait to be blacklisted, you should approach a trusted debt counsellor such as Debt-911.

To secure your free consultation now, simply fill out our contact form and one of our trained consultants will call you to discuss a tailor-made debt review solution.