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Credit Clearance And It’s Effect On Your Credit Scores

Let us help you with your credit clearance

Credit Clearance

Is your credit score influenced by out of date credit records? … We can help.

Lenders Scruitinise Consumer’s Credit Records.

It is important to understand that lenders scrutinise consumers’ credit records and will only extend credit to those applicant’s who’s credit scores fall well into the  low credit risk category. These scores are indicative that the consumer is serious about his/her financial well being, and it is these people who are the most likely to repay their debt.

Part of the credit score system incorporates a system that rates a consumer’s ability to service his / her existing debt as well as the likelihood of upsetting a consumer’s ability to service his debt if an extra repayment burden is placed on him.

With specialist expert assistance, consumers are now able to remove old, bad debt judgements which is a boon for people wishing to build clean credit profiles as any  negative records can remain on one’s credit profile for up to 10 years.

In order to assist a client to clear their credit records, we obtain a consumer’s comprehensive credit records from all the major credit bureaus and scrutinise this in order to establish where improvements can be made. We attend to the removal of notices, blacklistings, default listings, trace alerts and also judgements, as any one of these will make it almost impossible to successfully apply for credit whether it be to buy a car, purchase a house or buy a TV on credit without having to pay a much higher interest rate in order to mitigate the risk of you defaulting on your repayments.

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If you have had a bad credit record and are looking to obtain additional credit, we can assist to clear your old records.