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Debt Counselling – Regular Payments are Key

Have you been retrenched or are you going through a life changing divorce and do you feel your debt is mounting up making life unbearable?

Debt 911 is acutely aware of the impact that debt problems may have on one’s family and we have thus devised various services and partnered with responsible service providers to support you on your journey to being debt free.

Get started by simply SMS’ing HELP to 40935 or call us on our distress line 087 701 6695 where we offer unbiased advise

Your path to a debt free life is lines with regular monthly payments.

Debt 911 will hold your hand throughout the debt counselling process.

We will collect your payment and use the National Payment Distribution Agency (NPDA) to dispense these funds to your allocated creditors. The NPDA is the country’s premier payment distributor and has proven to be Debt 911’s dependable and trustworthy partner. Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries or require any additional information throughout the process.

We will keep you updated throughout the debt consolidation process with regular statements, phone calls, sms’s and emails.

It is very important to note that once the revised, more affordable, interim repayment levels have been calculated, negotiated with your creditors and accepted by them, that you never miss a payment or make late payments as creditors could then take legal action against you.

In order to avoid unnecessary complications with your creditors, it is important that the first payment start with the next payment due date.

Call Debt 911 now for immediate debt relief.