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Witbank Debt Relief Counselling

Is debt ruining your life?

If so, speak to us as we can offer you a range of debt relief options tailored to suit your specific situation.

Did you know that once you enter the formal debt counselling process, and your creditors have accepted your Debt-911 proposed repayment plan, you are protected from legal action that may be taken against you?  We have excellent working relationships with all the large banks and negotiate hard with your creditors on your behalf to devise a more affordable, monthly repayment payment plan for you.

We look out for your interests so that you get to keep your valuables and at the end of the process emerge debt free.

In order to proceed, simply follow the following 5 steps

Step 1 – The Path to a Debt Free Future

Fill out the contact form alongside and furnish us with your credit providers details. One of our trained consultants will then contact you to discuss your situation.

Step 2  – Assessing whether you are over-indebted

Once we have assessed your situation and determined that you are indeed over-indebted, we can progress. In order to qualify for the debt review process, it is important to note that your monthly expenses do indeed exceed your monthly income before you can be declared over-indebted.

Step 3  – Declaring Over-indebtedness

Once you are declared over-indebted, Debt-911 will inform your creditors as well as the major credit bureaus that you have entered the debt review process and they will be required to provide us with a certificate of balance (COB) document confirming your debt with them.

Step 4  – Debt Restructuring Negotiations

With your creditors Certificates of Balance in hand, we then negotiate with each one to restructure your monthly debt to more affordable levels. Note that it is important to keep paying your accounts as normal until this process has been completed.

Step 5  – Formalising your Debt Repayment Plan

Our specialist attorneys will apply to the court in order to make your restructured payment plan a court order. Unless the magistrate specifically requests your presence, it is very seldom that you yourself will need to appear in court.

Contact us today for a free debt relief consultation.