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Debt-911 Debt Counsellors Johannesburg

Debt-911 are registered debt counsellors offering immediate relief to over indebted consumers experiencing difficulty in meeting their regular monthly financial obligations. Our debt review process has been simplified, enabling us to quickly and efficiently offer the best financial plan, tailor made to each consumer’s unique financial situation. If you are in over your head in financial debt, our highly trained and experienced debt counsellors will help you regain control of your financial situation.

Debt Counselling Has Been Proven To Effectitively Combat Over-indebtedness

Debt counselling has been proven to be the most effective manner in which to allow consumers to re-structure their debt, and very importantly emerge from the process with a clean credit record, whist retaining t heir possessions.

Our statistics speak for themselves where the vast majority of over-indebted consumers emerge debt free in 24 -60 months.

Debt-911 Assists Consumers Combat Over-indebtedness Through:

    • Reduce the interest rates that they are charged on their various contracts, sometimes even down to zero.
    • Negotiate hard on behalf of consumers
    • Arrange for affordable debt repayment plans and or debt restructuring as regulated by the NCR.
    • Obtain court orders for reduced debt repayment plan approval
    • Debt restructuring after care services and valuable advice

Many Consumers Stand To Lose Their Homes

With the prevailing economic conditions in South Africa, economists predict that many indebted consumers stand to lose their homes and valuable possessions. Registered debt counsellors such as Debt-911 will continue to play an important role to ensure their clients not only retain possession of their hard won assets, but that they emerge debt free and most importantly, without any blemishes on their credit records. The lenders also win as they eventually receive their money, avoiding costly write off’s.

Seek Help Before It’s Too Late

If you are beginning to feel the pressure of over-indebtedness and would like to explore your options before it gets too late, feel free to simply fill out the form alongside or SMS HELP to 40935 following which one of our highly trained and experienced debt consultants will contact you to discuss your personal financial situation.