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Debt Counselling – 7 Steps To A Debt Free Future


More Cash in your Pocket

Debt 911 in tandem with its ’s payment distribution partner will collect then distribute clients payments on their behalf, thus clients under debt counselling are left with up to 30% more cash in hand for their regular expenses which is an important step on one’s journey to regaining one’s financial freedom.




Protect your important possessions

Debt 911 will ensure that your most important big ticket items are protected. Thus your house and car will not be repossessed providing clients continue to make the regular lower installments.




We negotiate with your creditors

Debt 911’s experienced team will negotiate and communicate directly with your creditors on your behalf so you wont have to.





You have access to the best counselling experts

Debt 911’s clients have access to the best financial debt counselling experts who are not only experienced but most importantly are accredited by the NCR.




Pay you debt with 1 reduced payment per month.

Debt 911 will negotiate and collected a single, affordable monthly payment then distribute this to all your existing creditors on your behalf.




Debt-911_Credit_recordsDebt 911 offers the fastest path to financial freedom without blemishing your credit record.

Once clients have completed all their debt obligations, we will issue a credit clearance certificate which will be sent to the credit bureaus to clear their credit records.


Debt-911_ControlDebt 911 will help you achieve financial control

The ability to take control of your money is a key step to financial freedom and a debt free future.