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Debt Counselling and Debt Review Explained

Debt Counselling Explained

Debt Counselling is service offered by highly trained and registered counsellors to get debt stressed consumers who can be legally declared over-indebted on a structured path to debt freedom.

Debt-911, a registered debt counsellor assists over-indebted consumers by renegotiating their debt burden with their debtors with the objective of reducing or scraping high interest rates or lengthening the repayment periods of credit agreements, thus making for more affordable monthly repayments with the objective of ensuring consumers have enough money each month to spend on basic necessities.

If a Debt-911 debt counsellor establishes that a consumer cannot legally be declared over-indebted, and thus not qualify for debt review, then we will assist with drawing up a detailed monthly repayment plan and monthly budget for the consumer. It is thus important that all relevant financial information is provided.

Debt Review Explained

Debt review is an assessment undertaken by the Debt-911 debt counsellor. Once an application is reviewed a consumers’ detailed financial situation is assessed and a determination is made as to whether a consumer can legally be termed over-indebted. If so then the process to re-negotiate a consumer’s debt begins. Once complete, the consumer emerges debt free and with his/her credit record intact.

Over-indebtedness defined.

A person is considered to be legally over-indebted if their debt repayment liabilities exceed their ability to pay their debts, i.e. if they are unable to pay their installments and other financial liabilities from their net salary each month.

Contact Debt-911 Now To Discuss Your Debt Counselling and Debt Review Options

If you are not meeting your debt obligations, simply call us on the number alongside, SMS Help to 40935 or complete and submit the form alongside and a trained, registered Debt-911 counsellor will contact you to discuss your personal financial situation and give you a free consultation.