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Debt Counselling East Rand

 East Rand Debt Counselling

If you are the victim of aggressive lending techniques by the banks and have been affected by the global economic slowdown, you may probably find that you have more month than your money will allow.  Over indebted consumers now have the option to enter a debt review process, affording them protection from any legal action by their creditors.

Debt-911 counsellors are trained to negotiate hard on their clients behalf, thus ensuring a reduction in their monthly repayments and freeing up much more of our clients hard earn cash enabling them to live a less stressful life.

Initiating the Debt-911 review process takes approximately 3-5 days for the initial applications to be submitted, after which we have 60 days to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. You won’t even need to leave your couch; we do all the work for you.

Obviously we require all relevant information prior to the submission of your application. Because of our good standing relationships with various lenders and financial institutions, our clients are guaranteed a favourable outcome, culminating in the reduction of their monthly repayment obligations to their creditors.

Debt Counselling Obligations

It is important to understand that clients are obligated to continue making regular monthly installments until the reduced monthly payments are confirmed and indeed until all debt has been settled.

Debt-911 will ensure that clients exit the debt counselling process debt free and well on their way to financial freedom.

If you feel you are over indebted and wish to explore your debt restructuring options, please feel free to contact Debt-911 by sms’ing HELP to 40935, by calling us on our national number 087 701 6695 or by simply filling out the form alongside and one of our specially trained consultants will contact you to discuss your options.