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Debt Counselling in Pretoria

How to Choose The Right Debt Counsellor

One of the most important considerations when opting for debt counselling is to decide on a reputable debt counsellor.

Here are 6 easy questions to ask your debt counsellor.

  1. Are they registered with the National Credit Regulator? Debt-911 is a registered debt restructuring specialist.
  2. How long have they been in business? The industry is littered with failed start-ups. Debt-911 was established in 2005 and has helped many thousands of consumers to become debt free.
  3. How many staff do they employ? Smaller operations often struggle to offer over indebted clients the service they require. Debt-911 has a staff compliment of over 20 people.
  4. Do they have a legal department or access to legal services? Debt-911 engages with top local attorneys on contingency.
  5. You will grow to rely heavily on your debt counsellor especially in the initial and end stages of the debt restructuring process, so be sure that you are dealing directly with a debt counsellor and not a middleman such as a price comparison website. Debt-911 has numerous staff dedicated to actively engaging with clients and their creditors, thus ensuring that all parties reach an amicable resolution.
  6. Forewarned is forearmed, so be sure to ask questions, get all the facts, especially about fees, how long you will be under debt review for, your ability to access credit in the interim etc. Also be sure to peruse their website which should contain important information pertaining to the debt counselling process. If you feel uncomfortable, it is best to look elsewhere.

I wish to appoint a debt counsellor. What is the next step?

Should you wish to appoint a debt counsellor to assit you, Debt-911 have a national footprint and are registered debt counsellors with the National Credit Regulator who can assist you with restructuring your debt.

In order to proceed with an assessment, please fill out the form alongside or contact us and we will call you to discuss your options.