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Debt Counselling Johannesburg

In 2007 the South African government enacted the National Credit Regulation act specifically to protect over indebted consumers from unscrupulous lending practices.

This piece of legislation enables consumers who qualify to undergo a debt counselling process the ability to renegotiate their debt obligations with lenders with the objective of keeping one’s hard earned assets and emerge from the process with a clean credit record.

Let our experienced staff take the hassle out of renegotiating your debt commitments.

Debt-911 has trained, experienced staff to assist clients with their debt problems. Following a detailed analysis of your unique financial situation, a determination will be made to establish whether clients are legally over in-debited. If so, our consultants will then devise and propose a repayment plan for you then proceed to negotiate hard with your creditors on your behalf so that you don’t have to.  Over indebted consumers who undergo Debt-911’s debt counselling process are legally protected by law from unscrupulous lenders.

What does the term Over-indebted mean?

This legal term is used to describe consumers who’s liabilities exceed their income after deducting living expenses. If you are in this position, we are able to assist you to seek relief from your creditors by entering the debt counselling process.

Do I need to sell off my assets?

Debt-911 endeavours to negotiate on behalf of our clients so as to avoid having to dispose of one’s hard earned assets. Having said this, it may be prudent to dispose of unnecessary assets so as to reduce one’s liabilities. Our objective is to ensure that your most important assets are not affected.

If debt problems are giving sleepless nights and require advice, feel free to contact us for a free, professional consultation. Simply call the number alongside or fill out our contact form and a qualified Debt-911 debt relief agent will contact you to discuss your situation.