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Debt Counselling Pretoria

Debt 911 offers Debt Counselling in Pretoria

More and more consumers are finding they are struggling to keep up with their monthly payment obligations.

Debt 911 is a registered debt counsellor offering debt counselling in Pretoria who has assisted many thousands of over–indebted consumers unshackel themselves from the debt trap and has placed them on the path to financial freedom.

In this segment, we will briefly discuss the types of debt and how to avoid falling into the all too common debt trap.

Can’t afford your Home Loan? Debt Counselling 911 will renegotiate if for you.

Home loans are one of the best, low interest debt vehicles that clients should have. With the steady increase in property prices over the decades, one can be reasonabliy assured that one’s investment is safe. If however you find that you can not afford to pay your mortgade repayments every month, then it is critical that you employ the assistance of a registed debt counsellor such as Debt 911, who will ensure that in signing up for debt review, your valuable property is secure.

Can’t pay your monthly vehicle installments? Debt Counselling 911 will assist.

A safe means to getting around is critical for many people and one should ensure that if you can’t pay your monthly vehicle repayments, immediate help should be sought so as to prevent your creditors from re-possessing your vehicle. Debt 911 will negotiate on behalf of consumers to ensure they keep their cars by paying a lower, more affordable monthly repayment without the threat of your vehicle being repossessed.

Unable to afford your monthly credit card payments – Debt Counselling 911 will reduce your monthly repayments.

The most dangerous debt to take on is credit card debt due to the consistently high interest rate imposed by lenders, (between 18 to 19.5 % ) which can become financially burdonsome to most consumers. The best advise we can offer is for conumers to use their credit cards sparingly and to pay off their entire debt amount every month. For indebted consumers unable to pay off their credit cards, Debt 911 will endevour to restructure your commitments into more affordable monthly repayments with a view to settling this debt as quickly as possible.

Need to explore your debt counselling options?

If you find the debt noose tightening around your neck and wish to explore your debt restructuring options, simply call us, SMS Help to 40935 or fill out the form alongside and one of our trained debt counsellors will call you to assess your personal situation and give you free advice.