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Debt Counselling Rules System

Are you looking for a reputable debt counsellor?

If so here a few things you should know.

Debt-911 subscribes to the Debt Counselling Rules System (DCRS) which is used by reputable debt counsellors to ensure consistency and reliability in restructuring debt.

DCRS system effectively allows debt counsellors to run various debt repayment scenarios plugging in certain affordability parameters which will then allow the debt counsellor to make consistent, informed decisions with regards to the repayment level that an over indebted client can afford.

The benefit of using a DCRS is that lenders will more readily accept the outcome of the debt reduction exercise and there is no need to have the exercise proceed to the courts. Using the DCRS significantly increases one’s chances of the revised repayment plan being accepted by one’s creditors.

Another benefit is that the costs are minimised for the customer and they typically exit the debt review process within 60 months or less.

Debt-911 counsellors are experienced and highly trained to assist in the following ways:

  • Negotiate hard for lower interest rates and/or lower monthly repayments with your creditors on your behalf bringing them down to a more affordable monthly instalment.
  • Reduce the interest rates on your debt where this is found to be excessive.
  • Drawn up a comprehensive repayment proposal detaining how much should be paid to each creditor and over what period of time.
  • Debt-911 will offer unlimited support and advice throughout this process.

If you are ready to take the next step on your path to debt freedom, be sure to contact Debt-911 as we are one of the most experienced, registered debt counsellors with the NCR.

For our clients protection and peace of mind, Debt-911 only uses a registered, government approved payment distribution agent.

Our fees are in line with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) guidelines meaning you can get out of debt faster

If you are feeling the noose of over-indebtedness around your neck and would appreciate unbiased, no obligation advise, simply call us, complete and submit the form alongside or SMS Help to 40935 after which a trained Debt-911 debt counsellor will contact you to assess your financial situation.