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Debt Counselling – The Sensible Choice


Designed to offer consumers a level of protection, the National Credit Act allows over indebted consumers the ability to pay – off their debts in a manner that is acceptable to one’s creditors and whilst being affordable and simultaneously protecting one’s possessions. The debt counselor will negotiate with creditors one’s behalf and the resultant process affords over indebted consumers the opportunity to have their debts restructured into more affordable monthly payments.

How can the Debt Counselling process help you?

Debt counselling will protect your passions from being repossessed so long as clients under debt counseling continue to pay their reduced and more affordable monthly installments. Debt counselors will set their clients on the right path to a debt free financial future without jeopardising your credit record. A clearance certificate will be issued by debt counselors for consumers who have completed the counseling process and paid their creditors. This certificate will be sent to credit bureaus to clear one’s bad credit record.

We understand debt and our clients have access to financial experts who are accredited by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).