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Debt Counselling – Debt Freedom In 5 Easy Steps

Looking for debt counselling?

If you are feeling the millstone of over indebtedness around your neck, simply follow our 5 steps and get on the path to financial freedom.

Debt Counselling Step 1

Contact Debt-911 via email, telephone or in person and one of our trained consultants will discuss your situation, offer advice and assist you with your application.

Debt Counselling Step 2

Debt-911 will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your personal financial situation to determine your level of indebtedness and whether you qualify for the debt review process.

Debt Counselling Step 3

If your Debt-911 counselor establishes that you are indeed over indebted and that you qualify for debt counselling, the process begins with your counselor informing credit bureaus as well as your debtors that a client has entered the debt review process. This ensures that a client’s hard won possessions are protected from seizure for a period of 60 days enabling enough time to re-negotiate a lower monthly premium.

Consumers are expected to continue to pay their debts throughout this process. Details of a client’s debts will then be requested from their various debtors.

Debt Counselling Step 4

Once the extent of a client’s debt has been confirmed, Debt-911 will negotiate a lower monthly repayment and or reduced interest rates on behalf of clients and then present a revised payment plan for each debtor. Debt-911 will restructure your debt enabling you to honour your monthly debt repayment commitments whilst also leaving you with more money in your pocket to spend on necessities of life, all this whilst protecting your property.

Debt Counselling Step 5

Once the Debt-911 restructured payment plans have been accepted, we will ensure that our attorneys to legalise the arrangements through a court order. Unless a magistrate orders otherwise, no court appearance is required as Debt-911 is the applicant. Clients are then urged to ensure their revised payment plan is strictly adhered to so as to prevent legal action by their debtors.

Get On The Path To Debt Freedom and Contact Debt-911 to Explore Your Debt Counselling Options

Debt-911 will assist their clients through each step in the debt review process including representation in court where necessary. If you are wondering how you are going to meet your monthly debt obligations, simply call us, SMS Help to 40935 or fill out the form alongside and one of our trained, debt counselors will contact you to assess your personal financial situation and give you free advice.