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Debt Counsellors in Johannesburg

Advantages of Debt Counselling

Consumers who have lodged a debt review application are protected from having their positions being attached by their credit providers whilst a determination is made as to whether the applicant can be legally pending. Should the consumer be determined to be over-indebted, they will simply continue with the debt counselling process.

Consumers emerge from the debt counselling process without any blots to their name as no permanent record is kept, unlike the administration process.

Your monthly repayments are channelled through a payment distribution agency making your payments quick and painless.

Debt-911 will be sure to calculate your repayments such that you will never not have money for your necessities such as school fees, transport, food and day to day expenses. We will ensure that you never pay more than you can reasonably afford.

As a certified debt counsellor, Debt-911 is far more likely to achieve a positive response from your one’s than an indebted consumer negotiating on their own.

Debt-911 consultant will also advise clients as to how to creatively minimise their debt obligations in future.

With Debt-911 on  your side, you get instant relief from the stress that being over indebted can cause. We offer Good, honest advice.

Disadvantage of undergoing debt review

Unfortunately, consumers can not access new credit whilst under the debt review process. Although it may sound draconian at first the intention of the law is to protect the consumer from slipping further into debt while also protecting lenders from being branded as reckless lenders.


If you are struggling with debt problems and require advice, feel free to contact us for a free, professional consultation. Simply call the number alongside or fill out our contact form and a qualified Debt-911 debt relief agent will contact you to discuss your personal situation.