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Debt Counsellors Pretoria

Are you being strangled by debt?

Debt-911 can help to reduce your monthly debt payments by as much as 60%, allowing you a financial breather that you badly need.

New legislation enables Debt-911 to apply for interest reductions on your credit card accounts, personal loans, store cards and even your home loan and vehicle finance accounts.

We will Assess Your Personal Debt Situation

No matter how bad your personal financial situation, Debt-911 can assess your situation and offer you sound legal advice to help you on your path to debt freedom.

Unlike Roman law, which allowed over indebted people to be sold into slavery, or even worse have body parts or appendages cut off in repayment of their debt, South African consumers now have the National Credit Act to protect them.

If you are reeling from the financial pressures of over indebtedness, you are not alone. The effects of the global financial meltdown has put millions of people out of work in South Africa and many hundreds of thousands of consumers have already applied for debt restructuring. A 2012 study conducted in South Africa suggests that more than 60% of consumers pay at least one bill late every month.

Take the Path to Debt Freedom

Take full advantage!

Stop being fleeced by creditors and contact us for a free, no obligation assessment of your personal financial situation. We will help you plot a course to true financial freedom.

If you would like to explore your debt reduction options, simply fill out the form alongside and a trained debt review consultant will contact you to discuss your situation.