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Debt Restructuring Through Debt Counselling in Pretoria


Let Debt-911 Debt Counselling unshackle you from your debt

You can take control of your destiny and let Debt-911 help you get on the path to debt freedom. We have been helping customers confront their indebtedness since 2006 and have an arsenal of debt relief solutions which we will tailor to suit your personal situation.

What does Debt Counselling Do?

The aim of debt counselling – which in essence is debt management – is to offer over indebted consumers real and lasting relief from the strangling effects of their debt burdens. Our solutions differ from traditional Administration or Sequestration solutions in that consumers who qualify, and are able to be declared over-indebted, benefit immensly from the debt counselling process. This does not mean that you won’t have to pay your debts, only that you will be afforded the opportunity to reduce your monthly debt burden.

Each person’s situation is different and consequently each solution has to be tailored to suit the consumer’s personal circumstances.

The Debt Counselling process protects consumers from forfeiting their hard won assets whilst preventing creditors from taking legal action on accounts that were legally included in the debt review process.

Do I Qualify for Debt Restructure

Should you feel that you may benefit from this process, then we encourage you to contact Debt-911 who will offer you a free, confidential assessment of your debt situation in order to establish your suitability to proceed with debt review.

When you are ready to take the path to debt freedom, simply complete the confidential contact request form alongside, and a trained debt relief consultant will then contact you to discuss your personal situation.