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Debt Restructuring Witbank

Ways to Restructure Your Debt

Debt restructuring when undertaken through registered debt counsellors registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) assists over indebted consumers to pay off their debts at a level that makes it more affordable.

Introduced in 2007, the National Credit Act allows over indebted consumers to enter into a debt restructuring process as opposed to declaring bankruptcy thus losing all their hard earned assets. Debt restructuring allows a debt counsellor to mediate between consumers and their creditors with the objective of reducing indebted consumers’ monthly repayments.

Debt counsellors registered with the NCR will analyse a consumer’s debts, income and financial standing to identify their level of indebtedness and how much they can actually afford to allocate towards debt repayments.

Typically a 60 day window is allowed to enable debt counsellors to negotiate reduced repayments with creditors. Consumers are advised to continue to pay their creditors during this period but it is reassuring to know that they are protected from prosecution whilst under debt review.

Due to its relatively recent introduction, debt restructuring although a very effective method of reducing one’s debts is not yet widely practiced. If you feel you are over indebted and wish to explore your debt restructuring options, please feel free to contact Debt-911 by sms’ing HELP to 40935, by calling us on our national number 087 701 6695 or by simply filling out the form alongside and one of our specially trained consultants will contact you to discuss your options.