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Debt Review Pretoria


Advantages of using Debt-911 Debt Counselling

Once clients have applied for debt counselling through Debt-911, credit providers are no longer able to attach one’s assets or even take legal action against consumers while a decision is taken by a debt counsellor as to whether the consumer can be declared legally over-indebted.  Over-indebted consumers can then proceed under Debt Review with Debt-911 until all debt has been settled.

Debt Review leaves no permanent blemish on one’s credit record.

Unlike administration, which leaves a permanent record against one’s name, consumer credit bureau databases do not retain a permanent record of a person having being under debt review which enables consumers to emerge from the debt review process with a clean credit record.

A single, reduced, monthly payment is made to a payment distribution agency, an intermediary who will then distribute one’s payments as per the payment schedule negotiated through Debt-911.

Debt-911 will be sure to set aside a generous portion of one’s monthly income for basic monthly necessities, such as transport costs, food, school fees etc, using whatever is left to service one’s debt obligations. Debt-911 will ensure that clients never pay more than they can actually afford.

Debt-911 is a trusted name in Debt Restructuring

Debt 911 is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and has over many years developed good relationships with major lenders, banks and other financial institutions, thus making re-negotiation of it’s clients debt to a much more affordable level, much more likely.

Debt-911 counsellors will also be able to offer advice on ways to reduce one’s monthly expenditure.

Let Debt-911 put you on the path to financial freedom and relieve you of the stress associated with being over-indebted. To take advantage of our free consultation, simply complete the form alongside and one of our trained debt relief consultants will contact you to assess your personal situation. Discretion is non-negotiable.