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Pretoria Debt Counsellors

Debt Counselling in Pretoria

The legal term for debt counselling is Debt Review, which is the process of legally restructuring one’s debt.

Debt Counselling Process

The process begins with consumers, who feel they may be over stretched, by submitting an application to be declared legally over indebted after which a court issues a court order enabling one’s debt counsellor to restructure one’s debt so as to enable consumers to make more affordable monthly repayments. Typically the process will take 60 working days to complete.

Obligations in terms of submission of documents by the debt counsellor and indeed payments of one’s financial obligations are required to be fulfilled throughout the process.

The process requires an element of trust between both parties in order to succeed and it is thus imperative that over indebted consumers disclose their financial matters and provide debt counsellors with all relevant documentation enablingthe subission of a comprehensive application.

What your Debt Counsellor does

Your debt counsellor will initiate the debt review process by obtaining the very latest balances owed to your creditors and calculates an affordable payment proposal. It is important to understand that consumers are required to continue to make the necessary payments, the amounts of which will be proposed at the very start of the process and that these amounts may vary, depending on the outcomes of negotiations between your creditors and your counsellor.

Once the review process is complete, your counsellor will provide you with a legally binding court order restructuring your debt which will result in lower, more affordable monthly payments. Consumers will continue to make one monthly payment to a registered payment distribution agency who will pay creditors on their behalf, strictly in accordance with the court order until one’s debt has been cleared or until one is able to catch up on all one’s arrears and one is able to manage one’s debts on one’s own.

Over-indebted consumers who wish to receive a free, no obligation consultation, are welcome to simply complete and submit the form alongside after which a trained Debt-911 debt counsellor will contact you to assess your financial situation.

Discretion is of the utmost importance for Debt-911.