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Debt Problems

Are you drowning in Debt? Do you have seemingly insurmountable debt problems?

If so, get instant relief by applying for debt review though Debt-911

What is Debt counselling and Debt Review?

Debt review is a process where a consumer’s personal financial situation is assessed by a trained debt counsellor to establish whether they can legally enter the debt review process.

Commencing with indebted consumers applying to have their situation looked into, the process ends with a clearance certificate being issued once all debts are settled. Entering the debt review process affords consumers protection from legal action taken by lenders.

Debt-911’s highly trained debt counsellors assist clients to decipher the complexities of the debt review process and will negotiate with over indebted consumers creditors on their behalf.  Our experinced debt counsellors will assess each consumer’s debt situation with the aim of ensuring they are able to comfortably cover their living expenses whilst simultaneously making regular, affordable monthly payments to their creditors. If an applicant is found not to qualify for debt review, our staff will propose creative ways to tackle one’s debt.

While it can be said that anyone living beyond their means is over indebted, the legal definition of the term over indebtedness applies to anyone who’s net salary after accounting for living expenses from their net salary, does not have enough money to cover their personal financial obligations.

What is the benefit of entering the debt review process?

Consumers who have entered the debt review process are afforded legal protection prohibiting lenders from attaching assets or to take any further legal action against consumers. Another major benefit is that consumers exit the process with their credit records and reputations firmly intact.

The downside is that no further debt can be taken on until the consumer exits the process.

If you feel you may be over-indebted, and wish to receive a free, no obligation consultation, please feel free to complete and submit the form alongside after which a trained Debt-911 debt counsellor will contact you to assess your financial situation.

Discretion is of the utmost importance for Debt-911.