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Debt Problems Johannesburg – Let Debt-911 Review Your Debt

If you are feeling the pinch of being over-indebted, get on our 6 step plan to financial freedom.

The Debt-911 6-Step Debt Counselling Process

Step 1

Provide our highly trained debt counsellors with comprehensive information about your income, debt commitments as well as a copy of your payslip, identification document and the latest statements from your creditors.

Step 2

Your trained Debt-911 counsellor will conduct an in depth assessment of your personal financial situation to establish whether you are indeed over-indebted. You can choose to come in to one of our offices or communication can be conducted via telephone or e-mail.

Step 3

Our debt counsellors will propose a budget taking your monthly expenses into account such as housing, being rent or a mortgage bond as well as food, travel, petrol, school fees etc. We will also confirm details of all costs as well as propose a revised debt repayment plan.

Step 4

Debt-911 will then contact all your various credit providers as well as notify credit bureaus that you have entered the debt counselling process. Your debt counsellor will then initiate the debt renegotiation process with your creditors with the objective being to reduce your monthly debt repayments and where possible, reduce the interest rate charged on your accounts.

Step 5

Should your credit providers accept our proposals; a consent order will be applied for from the local magistrate’s court. Where a credit provider rejects our revised payment proposal, we will approach a magistrate’s court for a final decision.

Step 6

Once your final repayment plan has been accepted, it will be submitted to a payment distribution agency which will then distribute your single monthly payment, thus ensuring that the correct amount is paid to all your credit providers every month.

Important Note

It’s important to ensure that payment is made strictly in accordance with the final payment plan as any short payments could trigger legal action by your creditors.

Don’t delay, Let Debt-911 Review your debt today

If you are wondering how you are going to meet your monthly debit repayments, simply call us on the number listed, SMS Help to 40935 or fill out the form alongside and a trained debt counsellor will call you to assess your personal situation and give you a free consultation.