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Debt Problems – Will Debt Review Cost Me My New job?

Will being under debt review decrease my chances of finding a new job?

Debt review or undergoing debt counselling should have no impact on your chances of securing a new job.

It is true however that due to lack of understanding of the debt review process by employers, that they may have been in the past reluctant to hire people that were undergoing debt review. When debt review was first introduced in 2007, the reluctance by employers to hire people under debt counselling probably stemmed from the fact that the burden of collection of debt via a garnishee order falls on the employer and this creates an enormous amount of extra admin work for paymasters.

However as employers have understood that debt review is a positive debt rehabilitation process and that they no longer have to get involved, one’s chances of being hired while under debt review are no longer affected.

It is important to note that some occupations assume that the employee is able to manage their financial affairs correctly, especially where the role is a financial advisory one.

Most employers understand that debt review is voluntary and that by entering into debt counselling, a person is proactively taking control of what could essentially become a dire financial situation. Debt review will arrest the debt spiral and place the person firmly on the path to debt freedom.

If you are looking to apply for a new position and feel that your prospective new employer may conduct a credit check, feel free to contact Debt-911 and we will provide you with a letter informing your new employer of the process and confirming your situation.

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Debt-911 will assist you in negotiating the treacherous debt review process.

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