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Debt Review – Debt Problems Witbank

Debt Review Can Be Empowering

Undergoing Debt Review can be empowering! It will free up extra cash at the end of every month and can help to ease the pressure of one’s financial burdens.

It is important that consumers applying for the debt review process be completely honest about their financial commitments and financial situation.

This is the only way our trained and registered Debt-911 counsellors can make an accurate assessment of an applicant’s financial situation and this will have a bearing on whether or not a prospective client does indeed qualify for entering debt review process.

Should our assessment reveal that a client qualifies to enter debt review, our costs will be explained to clients after which the process commences with a Debt-911 counsellor informing credit bureau and then informing and then entering into negotiations with a client’s debtors. It is important that clients continue to make their regular monthly repayments throughout the debt restructuring and re-negotiation process.

Once negotiations have been concluded, your Debt-911 counsellor will propose a detailed repayment plan which has to be ratified by a client’s debtors, after which your Debt-911 counsellor will ask it’s attorney’s to obtain a court order making it official.

No legal action can be expected to be taken by a debtor’s debtors once a client has entered debt review provided a client maintains their debt repayments at these, lower levels.

Contact Debt-911 To Explore Your Debt Counselling Options

Debt-911 counselors guide their clients step by step through the debt review process, negotiating on their behalf and even representing them in court where necessary. If you are worried about how you will meet your monthly debt repayments, simply call us, SMS Help to 40935 or complete the form alongside and one of our trained, debt counselors will contact you to assess your personal financial situation and give you free advice.