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Debt Review Pretoria – Solve Your Debt Problems

Debt Review Pretoria

Are you, like many South Africans drowning in debt?

If you find yourself unable to afford to pay your monthly vehicle, house, credit card and store card repayments, rather than wait to be blacklisted, you should approach a trusted debt counsellor such as Debt-911.

Introduced in 2007, the debt review process offers over-indebted consumers a lifeline in the form of a legal process to extricate themselves from their financial quagmire whilst simultaneously keeping their creditors happy and very importantly, maintaining their hard won credit reputation intact.

Unfortunately, this process is only available if you have a regular income enabling you to make regular monthly repayments.

How does it work

Your first port of call is to find a reputable and registered debt counsellor. Debt-911 was one of the first debt counsellors to register with the National Credit Regulator and has placed many thousands of over-indebted consumers firmly on the path to debt freedom.

You wil be required to submit your ID document as well as details and paperwork of all your financial obligations. Your Debt-911 counsellor will also require details of your other financial obligations such as school fees, food and other living expenses etc. This would be to make an assessment as to whether a consumer is indebted or not.

Your Debt-911 counsellor will then communicate the result of the assessment and will discuss options available to him.
Assuming the consumer decides to proceed with the application process, the following fees need to be taken in to account:

  • a small application fee;
  • a rejection fee, imposed so as to prevent unnecessary applications;
  • a debt restructuring fee;
  • a modest monthly fee calculated as a small percentage of the overall debt ;
  • legal fees that may be required for the consent order which is generally paid in the second month; and
  • a withdrawal fee should you exit the process early.

Debt-911 counsellors will then liaise with and negotiate with a consumer’s credit providers with the view to reduce a client’s debt burden.

To secure your free consultation now, simply fill out the contact form alongside and one of our trained consultants will call you to discuss a tailor-made debt review solution.