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Do You Have Finacial Problems – Debt-911 Can Help With Debt Review

What can be done if one of my creditors does not accept the revised Debt Review repayment plan?

Before Debt-911 is able to propose a revised debt repayment plan, our consultants go to great lengths to understand a client’s specific circumstances by asking many questions. We then draw up a comprehensive budget in consultation with the client to ensure that he/she is able to afford the revised plan such that there should be no reason for the possibility of defaulting on the new plan as this could have serious detrimental effects on one’s financial stability.

Our experienced debt review counsellors will assist clients navigate the debt review process every step of the way.

Once a revised debt repayment plan has been proposed, one’s creditors are under no obligation to accept any revised repayment plan put forward by Debt-911 or anyone else for that matter.

We will however do our utmost to convince your creditors to accept the proposed plans. We will also mediate between our clients and their creditors in order to ensure that an amicable solution is found.

Debt Review – Using the magistrate’s courts as a last resort.

If, despite all our consultation and mediation efforts, no agreement is able to be reached with all creditors, we will refer the matter to the magistrate’s court for assessment and for a final decision. In order for a magistrate to rule in favour of a client, we simply have to prove that the revised repayment proposal is reasonable. Once a magistrate has made a ruling, all parties will have to accept the new, lower payment plan or appeal the ruling. During this time the client is protected from having his hard earned possessions seized or repossessed.

If you are feeling the pinch of a declining economy and would like to explore your debt review options, simply call us, SMS Help to 40935 or fill out the form alongside and one of our trained debt counsellors will call you to assess your personal situation and give you free advice.