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Over Indebted Consumers in Cape Town Have Easy Access to Debt Review

Debt-911 assists over-indebted consumers in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and nationally by offering legal, instant debt relief.

When are debt review consumers required to attend court?

It is important to understand that in order to legalise a reduced monthly payment schedule, all debt review negotiations must be approved though a court order. These court orders are intended to protect both parties i.e. protect consumers from harassment by lenders as well as offering consumers protection that their goods will not be repossessed whilst affording the lender a degree of certainty that they will get a fair portion of their money.

The National Credit Act requires that all debt review applications be approved by either the National Credit Tribunal or a Magistrate’s Court. Our legal partners therefore submit all finalised debt applications for approval before they can take effect. This process obviously incurs certain legal costs.

Our legal partners then arrange to place the debt application on a court roll to be heard on a specific date. Once this has occurred, the consumer will be informed. In some cases, some courts will expect you the client, to be present in court on that date. If a consumer is expected in court, it is very important that he attend otherwise the court will simply not grant the court order. The majority of Magistrates courts however will allow the application to be dealt with by the various attorneys in the correct jurisdiction.

Once the court order has been issued, your lenders will immediately adjust the interest rates and or repayment periods on your loans.

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Debt-911 will assist you in negotiating the sometimes treacherous debt counselling process.

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