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Problems with Credit Bureau

If you are experiencing problems with a credit bureau, we suggest the following pointers:

Be aware that the South African credit ombudsman as the power to intervene in a consumers personal credit matters provided they relate to the following subjects

Correct information that has been captured incorrectly or that is incorrect on a credit bureau’s database.

Correct information that is is outdated.

Negative comments on a report and the failure by lenders to afford a consumer the required 20 days notice before publishing an unfavorable comment.


Consumers who have defaulted on their payments though uncontrollable circumstances such as through retrenchment and who have then cleared their debt.

Negative listings on very old debt called prescribed debt.

Incorrect or duplicated listings on a credit report

Identity fraud

Negative listings as a result of a service dispute.

Disputes with landlords who lists the costs of damages to a property.

It is the credit ombudsman duty to resolve disputes between businesses and non bank credit providers and consumers who have been disadvantaged by credit bureau. It is also their duty to educate and inform the South Africa n consumer on debt related matters.

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