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Debt Review And The New Credit Amnesty Act

I am over-indebted, how does the new credit amnesty act affect me?

If you are wondering whether the credit amnesty act affects you? The answer is that it most certainly does.

Will my debt be written off under the new regulations?

Probably not!

Whatever you do, do not stop paying your debts as the act is primarily aimed at how credit providers and credit bureaus keep details of your credit record.

Some experts are of the opinion that the new act is simply a political ploy, making over-indebted consumers think that their situation has changed when in fact this is not the case.

The amnesty actually refers to the removal of the negative information on a consumers report. It has been brought about by the Department Of Trade and Industry who made the amendments to the National Credit Act.

The new regulations require that negative comments about a consumer’ s repayment history and habits pertaining to debts that have been paid up, be removed.

Consumers will still be liable for their debts.

Reports containing negative comments, symbols such as slow payer, delinquency etc will now have to be amended. Information about past judgements that have been paid up will also have to be omitted from one’s records.

As credit has became more easily obtainable, it is feared that consumers may be prejudiced by having an inexperienced person read their credit record and forming negative opinions of the person, even though their debt has been repaid in full. This could have the negative effect that credit may be harder to come by.

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