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Debt Review – Can I fold my monthly debt payments into 1 easy monthly payment?

Clients trapped in a debt cycle where too much has been borrowed on credit such that they can no longer afford to pay off their debt commitments sometimes seek out debt consolidation loans in the mistaken belief that this is the solution to their debt problems.

The problem is that in doing so, consumers are simply adding to their overall debt commitments. South African Banks are increasingly refusing to approve debt consolidation loans to consumers, so unless you can prove that you are comfortably able to pay for your loan your chances of securing such a loan are slim indeed. If you are over indebted, and are already struggling to meet your monthly commitments, then this is not the solution.  Debt-911 recommends that such over indebted consumers instead apply to undergo debt review or debt counselling in order to permanently address their spiralling debt.

Through debt review, a consumer’s debts are restructured such that one’s debt repayments are re-negotiated resulting in reduced interest rates (sometimes down to zero) with the objective being to make the monthly debt repayments more easily affordable.

Debt-911 will negotiate with all creditors on behalf of the client and once the various negotiations have been completed the consumer is able to make a reduced single monthly debt repayment that will be distributed to his various creditors.

Unlike debt consolidation, debt review actually enables the consumer to whittle away one’s debt.

If you are experiencing the pressure of being unable to repay your monthly debt repayments, call Debt-911 to discuss your options.

Do You Need To Explore Your Debt Counselling Options?

Debt-911 will guide and assist clients through each step in the process including representation in court if required.

If you find yourself thinking about how you are going to meet your monthly repayments, simply call us, SMS Help to 40935 or fill out the form alongside and one of our trained debt counselors will call you to assess your personal situation and give you free advice.