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Debt Review – Explore Our Instant Debt Relief Service

Debt-911’s Instant Debt Relief Service

Debt-911 assists clients by placing them firmly on the path to debt freedom, halt all legal action and provide clients with the assurance that their financial problems are being dealt with in a professional manner.

Debt-911 has many years of experience helping consumers meet their debt obligations. With as many as 50% of customers behind on their credit agreements, Debt-911 will help you take your first steps on the path to financial freedom. We will begin by offering you a free provisional debt consultation, enabling you to discuss your fears and evaluate possible debt repayment options and strategies available to you.

We will breakdown a client’s debts and draw up a comprehensive repayment plan.

Should a client wish to formally apply to enter the debt review process, we will require the following:

  • Employee payslip
  • If a client is self employed, we require their 3 month bank statements.
  • Where you are self employed, but not registered, 6 months worth of bank statement are required
  • We require the outstanding balances for all your creditors where balances exceed R 1 000
  • In order to qualify for debt review, the consumer must earn a minimum of R 3000 / month.

Debt-911 can assist with the following debts:

  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • credit card debt
  • overdrafts
  • clothing accounts and store cards
  • furniture store accounts
  • vehicle repayments
  • hire purchase agreements
  • home loans, mortgage bonds etc

If you are concerned that you may be over-indebted, take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation.

Simply complete and submit the form alongside, call us, or SMS Help to 40935 after which a trained Debt-911 debt counsellor will contact you to assess your financial situation. Discretion is of the utmost importance for us.