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Debt Review in Pretoria, Johannesburg and the East Rand

Debt-911 has a national footprint and offers debt review services to clients in Pretoria, Johannesburg and the East Rand.

We are certified Debt counsellors and offer assistance to cash stressed customers in Johannesburg, Pretoria, the East-rand as well as nationally.

If you are behind on your monthly vehicle finance, credit card, personal loan, overdraft or store card repayments, in fact any formal credit agreements with registered credit providers, Debt-911 can negotiate instant relief through a reduced monthly payment plan and in some cases also a reduction in interest rate.

Our experience in the industry ensures that lenders view our revised repayment proposals favourably and consequently our proposals have a higher than average acceptance rate. Although creditors will always put up a fight when it comes to reducing one’s monthly debt repayments, it is in their best interest to negotiate lower, more affordable repayment plans as the process ultimately improves their collection rates.

Debt-911 offers instant relief

Over indebted consumers can get instant relief from credit providers such that they are able to pay off their debt obligations at reduced monthly rates whilst simultaneously having more disposable income to pay for their necessities such as their water and electricity bills, food and other groceries, school fees, transport etc comfortably.

We will conduct a thorough affordability assessment in order to determine what a client’s reduced monthly repayment levels will be. Once this has been calculated, we will present the revised monthly repayment plan on behalf of the client. We negotiate with creditors on behalf of the client and will represent clients in court where necessary.

Contact Debt-911 for more information on our instant debt busting options.

Debt-911 will assist you in negotiating the sometimes treacherous debt counselling process.

If you are beginning to feel debt stressed, and are wondering how you are going to meet your monthly debt obligations, simply call us, SMS Help to 40935 or fill out the form alongside and one of our experienced debt counsellors will contact you to evaluate your personal financial situation and give you free advice.