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Debt Review Middelburg

Free Initial Debt Review Consultation

In order to assist over-indebted consumers get on the path to financial freedom, Debt-911 offers a free initial consultation. The National Credit Act, enforced by the National Credit Regulator, has since 2007, provided consumers with a path to becoming debt free through a structured debt review process affording consumers to emerge from the process without any blemishes to their name.

Since it’s inception in 2007, Debt-911 has worked tirelessly to ensure its clients get out of the crippling debt spiral that often threatens one’s lifestyle and financial stability and we have assisted many clients navigate the complex debt review process.

Once you apply to formally enter the debt review process, Debt-911 counsellors will assess your personal financial situation to determine how much you can afford to repay. We will take into account how much will be required to cover your day to day living expenses, school fees, transport, accommodation, rent, bonds etc. We will then liaise with your creditors to negotiate a reduced monthly instalment. This can be done through either reducing the interest on an interest bearing loan or increasing the repayment period.

Debt Review Offers Protection Against Legal Action

During this process creditors are unable to take legal action against a debtor to recover monies dues.

Consumers must continue to make payments to their creditors throughout this process.

Once a reduction has been agreed to, Debt-911 counsellors will approach a court to formalise the new agreements.

Once formalised, it is imperative that the new repayment amounts are strictly adhered to or consumers then open themselves up to the possibility of legal action to recover amounts due.

Let Debt-911 help you get on the path to financial freedom

Debt-911 offers a free debt restructuring consultation, so be sure to simply fill out the form alongside and apply online now to take your first step on your path to financial freedom.