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Debt Review Pretoria – FAQ Part 4

Debt-911 assists clients with Debt Review in Pretoria

I have judgements against me, can I still apply for debt review?

Clients with judgments or pending judgments against them are welcome to contact Debt-911 as our counsellors will undertake a detailed assessment of each client’s personal financial situation. It is imperative however that all information be disclosed as failure to do so could have very serious consequences.

Can all my debts be included in the debt review process?

Debt-911 will include in its debt counselling process all unsecured debt such as store cards, credit cards, overdrafts, personal and micro loans as well as secured debt including vehicle finance and home loans.

If we are married in community of property, will my spouse also have to apply for debt review?

Yes, couples married in community of property will have to submit a joint application.

What if my bank or lender changes their mind and increases my debt repayments during the debt review period?

One of the benefits of debt review is that credit providers are unable to change the revised agreement provided clients diligently pay their revised monthly commitments.

What can I expect to be my new monthly repayments after debt review.

Debt-911 has a calculation that is applied and this will vary for each client depending on their personal financial situation. We ensure that the repayments are more affordable and that there is ample money left over to pay for school fees, rent or a mortgage as well as living expenses, transport, food etc.

Will I be punished if I skip a monthly payment?

Yes! Should a single monthly repayment be missed, credit providers will very likely terminate the revised payment schedule and commence with legal action which could include legal judgements and garnishee orders.

Debt Review – Let Debt-911 help you explore your options

If you are contemplating how you are going to meet your monthly repayments, simply call us, SMS Help to 40935 or fill out the form alongside and a trained debt counsellor will call you to assess your personal situation and give you a free consultation.