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Debt Review Pretoria – Review your debt

With over a fifth of the South African population falling behind on their debts, over-indebtedness as become a common problem affecting consumers’ lifestyles and financial well being.

Since it’s inception in 2007, Debt-911 has assisted thousands of consumers overcome their debt problems and become debt free.

Debt-911 offers a suite of debt solutions to assist consumers tackle their over-indebtedness.

We :

  • Offer a FREE initial consultation
  • Negotiate with your creditors on your behalf
  • Negotiate lower interest rates on your loans
  • Negotiate reduced repayment fees
  • Negotiate to extend your payment terms

Simply follow the easy steps below to get on the path to financial freedom.

  • Debt-911 offers a free initial debt restructuring consultation, so be sure to simply fill out the form alongside and apply online now to take your first step on your path to financial freedom.
  • Fill out the documentation required to process your application and we will conduct an assessment to verify your eligibility to undergo debt review.
  • We notify all your creditors that you have entered the debt review process following which creditors will update their systems.
  • We will discuss your living expenses in detail to establish what you can realistically afford to repay
  • Once your creditors have confirmed exactly how much you owe them, we will then devise a realistic repayment schedule and begin the re-negotiation process.
  • Once our repayment proposals have been accepted, we will approach the court to formalise the re-negotiated amounts.
  • Clients are then required to diligently stick to the revised monthly payments. In order to make it easy, clients simply make one monthly payment and a distribution agency will take care of paying all your creditors on your behalf.
  • Once your debt has been cleared, Debt-911 will issue you with a debt clearance certificate, ensuring you emerge completely debt free and with a clean credit record.

Claim your free initial consultation

If you are concerned that you may be over-indebted and wish to receive a free, no obligation consultation, please feel free to complete and submit the form alongside after which a trained Debt-911 debt counsellor will contact you to assess your financial situation and offer you alternatives.