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Debt Review Process – The Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Entering the Debt Review Process


A major benefit for consumers formally entering the debt review process is that their personal effects cannot be attached by lenders, and indeed further legal action against the consumer cannot be taken until a registered debt counsellor has determined whether the consumer is indeed over indebted, in which case the consumer may proceed though the process.

Another important benefit for consumers is that they emerge with their reputation and credit records intact.

One single monthly lump sum is made to a distribution agent who then proceeds to distribute the payments to various creditors.

Your Debt-911 counsellor will ensure that a reasonable amount of your budget is allocated towards your basic necessities such as food, rent, transport, school fees, and other requirements. Whatever is left will then be used to cover your monthly debt repayments.

Debt-911 has established extensive contacts within the lending space and using one of our highly skilled Debt-911 counsellors will ensure a more favourable outcome insofar as it relates to re-negotiating lower repayment amounts with your creditors.

Debt-911 counsellors will offer you free budgetary advice


Whilst the benefits of entering debt review process can outweigh the disadvantages, consumers must be aware that they will be unable to access any new credit until they have formally exited the process.

Debt-911 counsellors work hard to ensure a favourable outcome for our clients and obviously this cannot go un-rewarded. In addition to small application and monthly fees, we do charge a fee for our service which is normally absorbed with the first repayment whist under debt review.

Over-indebted consumers must expect to pay some legal fees which may be minimal if lenders accept their proposals. These fees are generally deducted from the second monthly payment.

Take advantage of our free Debt Review Consultation

Debt-911 offers a free debt review consultation, so be sure to simply fill out the form alongside and apply online now to take your first step on your path to financial freedom.