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Debt Review vs Debt Consolidation

There is a big difference between Debt review and debt consolidation. Both are personal debt management tools that can be employed ultimately to reduce one’s debt obligations. However, whereas debt review allows one to freeze and sometimes even reduce the amount of overall debt owed at a specific point upon entering the debt review process, debt consolidation allows one to take on even more debt in the form of a loan in order to fold all one’s debt into a single monthly payment. Debt consolidation results in an increased amount of debt.

Debt-review is the superior choice.

If you don’t want to get even further into debt, then debt review is by far the superior choice and is one of the popular debt management tools offered by Debt-911. With debt review, Debt-911 will negotiate hard on behalf of the client in order to reduce their overall debt burden. We invariably also manage to negotiate lower interest rates, sometimes even down to zero and where necessary also extend the debt repayment period, thus not only reducing the overall debt owed, but also making the monthly debt repayment more manageable.

It is important to note that where a debt repayment has been missed, consumers have no choice but to opt for debt review as you are unlikely to secure a loan from any financial institution. Be sure that you can afford to repay the debt consolidation loan before you submit your application. Also remember that unless you are able to secure a loan at a lower interest rate than your existing debt, there will be no benefit to taking on additional debt.

Do You Need To Explore Your Debt Counselling Options?

Debt-911 will guide and assist clients through each step in the process including representation in court if required.

If you find yourself thinking about how you are going to meet your monthly repayments, simply call us, SMS Help to 40935 or fill out the form alongside and one of our trained debt counselors will call you to assess your personal situation and give you free advice.