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Enter Debt Review Before Emoluments Attachment Orders or Garnishee Orders are Issued

Needing to enter Debt Review in Pretoria? Debt-911 can assist.

It is best to enter debt review before a court grants an Emolument Attachment Order or Garnishee Order against your salary.

Credit providers have in the past offered easy credit to undeserving or ignorant consumers, sometimes landing them in severe financial situations from which they struggle to emerge unscathed. Devious methods are sometimes employed by credit providers in order to recoup their money.

More and more people are becoming aware of an attachment order or emoluments attachment order often referred to as a Garnishee Order issued by the courts to assist creditors to claw back their loan amounts from delinquent consumers.

Garnishee Orders compel your employer to hand over your hard earned cash

Emoluments attachment orders or Garnishee Orders force a debtor’s employer to hand over all or a portion of the employee’s salary to an attorney or credit collection agency who will then distribute the money without any consideration for the employee’s existing debt obligations or indeed his ability to meet his living needs.

Garnishee Orders have long been the bain of many a company paymaster as a result of the considerable additional administrative effort required by the company paymaster or their departments to comply with the order on behalf of a delinquent, often credit stressed employee. Many companies then face the situation where they feel compelled to assist the employee as he is left with no money to pay for school fees, buy food, transport etc driving him further into debt. Unfortunately, it has been found that many garnishee orders issued by attorneys and collection agencies have been found not to be legally compliant with the law.

A creditor granted a judgement may prompt the issuing of an emoluments attachment order by a district court within the jurisdiction in which the over indebted consumer lives, works or carries out his business.

Debt-911 will assist you to navigate your way through debt review process thus avoiding a situation where Garnishee Orders are issued.

Debt-911 counsellors guides and assist clients through the debt review process including representation in court if required.

If you find yourself thinking about how you are going to service your monthly debt commitments, whether or not you are married in community of property, simply call us, SMS Help to 40935 or fill out the form alongside and one of our trained debt counsellors will call you to assess your personal situation and give you free advice.

If you are looking for a debt counsellor and you live in Pretoria, speak to Debt-911 and we will call you back pronto!