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Johannesburg – Debt-911 Will Assist With Your Debt Review

If you are in over your head in debt in greater Johannesburg or Pretoria, don’t allow yourself to stew in your over-indebtedness. It is best to be honest with yourself and declare yourself to possibly being over-indebted and begin your journey to financial freedom.

Interest on debt can be a never-ending pit and the best way to reduce your debt is to reign in your spending and of course not enter in to debt in the first place. Buying luxury goods on credit is not recommended, it is best to wait until you have saved up to afford the item.

Be sure to analyse your accounts every month so that you have a proper understanding of which are your highest interest bearing accounts. Be sure to pay these accounts off first, and also try to pay whatever extra amount you may have into these accounts, and in so doing you will minimise your interest payments in the long run.

Draw up a budgetary road map.

It is prudent to draw up a budget every month as this will help you chart your course though difficult and often uncertain financial times we live in.

If you find yourself in a financial bind, then seeking the advice of a trained debt counsellor is essential.

Debt-911, an NCA registered counsellor can assist you in the following ways:

Once we have been provided with comprehensive details of all your pertinent financial statements, our highly trained counsellors will assess your personal financial situation and make an assessment as to whether you are personally over-indebted. We will then present you with our recommendations.

We will draw up a detailed debt repayment schedule, taking into account your living expenses such as your mortgage or rent, water and lights bill, food, school fees, transport/petrol etc.

Trained Debt-911 counsellors will then renegotiate your monthly payment obligations on your behalf, and will also identify and attempt to renegotiate excessive interest on debt where necessary.

We will even represent you in court should this be required.

Finally Debt-911 will then ensure that your monthly repayment is distributed, placing you on the path to financial freedom.

Debt-911 will work hard to ensure that you exit the debt counselling process debt free and well on your way to financial freedom.

If you feel that you may be over indebted and wish to explore your debt review options, please feel free to contact Debt-911 by SMS’ing HELP to 40935, by calling us on our national number listed alongside or by simply filling out the form alongside and one of our specially trained consultants will contact you to discuss your options.