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Pretoria – Debt-911 Will Assist With Your Debt Review

Are you in Pretoria and need to review your debt?

Debt-911 will help you get out of debt fast!

Are you feeling the debt noose around your neck?

Debt-911’s 5-step guide to a debt free, stress, free life.

In order to get out of debt debt-911 suggests that over indebted consumers take the following steps:

Ensure you know exactly how much you owe and to whom. Start of by requesting up-to-0date statements on all your accounts from all your creditors. Jot down exactly how much you owe to each debtor and then calculate the minimum monthly repayment as well as the debt repayment period.

One should then be sure that an amount equal to at least the minimum monthly repayment amount is available at the beginning of each month to be able to service the debt. This is of course after paying your living expenses such as your mortgage or rent, food, school fees etc. If you find you have more month than money left at the end of the exercise, you are clearly over-indebted.

If this is the case we would advise that you contact a registered debt counsellor such as Debt-911 who will assist you to reduce your monthly debt payment obligations.

Debt-911 will renegotiate your monthly payment obligations and will also identify and attempt to renegotiate interest on debt where necessary.

We will draw up a comprehensive monthly debt repayment plan, offer free budgetary advice and most importantly, guide you on your path to financial freedom.

If you would like to explore your debt reduction options, simply contact Debt-911

Debt-911 will guide and assist you through each step in the debt counselling process. We will even represent you in court where necessary. If you are feeling the financial pinch and are wondering how you are going to pay your monthly debt obligations, simply call us, SMS Help to 40935 or fill out the form alongside and a highly trained, debt counsellor will make contact with you to assess your personal financial situation and give you free advice.