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Pretoria Debt Review – The Negotiation Process

Debt-911 Offers Debt Review To Clients In Pretoria, Centurion, The East Rand And Johannesburg

How Does The Debt Review Process Work You May Ask?

Obviously if you have been experiencing financial stress, you will have made various attempts to reduce your spending.  You may have decided to pay your rates and taxes late or held off purchasing that new tyre you need for your car or even eliminated luxuries from your supermarket trolley. The truth is that this will only get you so far.

Only Debt Review Will Help Rreduce Your Repayment Obligations

What you really need is to have your regular monthly obligations, i.e. your repayments reduced to a more affordable level.

Debt-911 will undertake a detailed analysis of your regular monthly expenses in order to understand where you can cut back and what your proposed new repayments could be. We will devise a realistic monthly budget that will place you firmly on the path to financial freedom.

Once an over indebted consumer is formally under debt review, we will negotiate with their creditors with the objective of reducing their regular monthly repayments. Obviously this process depends on the various creditors accepting the new reduced payment plan. Depending on the circumstances, we will sometimes negotiate a longer repayment period or even a reduced interest rate or both with the objective of lowering the monthly repayments.

Debtors will sometimes resist a proposed modified repayment schedule and will send a counter proposal for discussion with the client. A debt-911 counsellor will then discuss tyhe porosal with the client to see whether this can be accommodated.

Once an agreement has been reached, it is very important to ensure monthly repayments are made strictly according to the new agreement, failing which a creditor has the right and sometimes do take legal action to recover their money.

To Decrease Your Monthly Repayment Obligations, Contact Debt-911 To Get The Process Started.

If you would like to discuss the debt relief options available to you simply complete the form alongside and a qualified Debt-911 consultant will contact you to discuss your personal financial situation and offer advice as to the way forward.