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Review your Debt Johannesburg

Debt-911 is a government regulated debt counselling service provider who has assisted thousands of over-indebted consumers become debt free. We were amongst the first debt counsellors to register with the National Credit Regular (NCR) who oversees the debt review industry.

We will listen to your problems then propose a debt busting solution that will suit your lifestyle while putting you firmly on the path to financial freedom.

We offer all clients a free initial assessment and will quickly advise you whether you qualify to undergo debt counselling.

Our service enables clients to not only reduce their monthly debt burden but also combine their payments into one affordable payment.

We Review Your Debt

Debt-911 has a track record or reducing monthly repayment premiums and or interest rates on interest bearing loans on all of the follows:

  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Store cards
  • Bank overdrafts
  • Valuables bought on Hire Purchase agreements
  • Home bonds and mortgage loans

We offer:

  • Honest, unbiased and often free advice
  • No personal interviews necessary
  • All our dealings are conducted in the strictest confidence, so your peers will not find out.

We have dozens of employees dedicated to ensuring your financial well being with access to the best legal minds, ready to assist with any legal work that may be required to support your application.

Take your first step to financial freedom. Debt-911 offers a free initial debt restructuring consultation, so be sure to simply fill out the form alongside and apply online now to take your first step on your path to financial freedom.