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Which debt reduction programme should I choose, Debt Review, Administration or Sequestration?

Debt-911 assists over-indebted clients reduce their debt obligations through a number of debt restructuring solutions.

The solution we advise will depend on the client’s specific circumstances but we advise that all over indebted consumers explore the possibility of entering debt review as a first option as it is effective, is comparatively cheap compared to the others and consumers exit the process with their credit records intact.

However, clients often ask about the various debt reduction options, their pro’s and cons so here they are:



Debt Review

Interest rates reduced to minimum of 15%

Clients are forced to sell their personal assets, cars, houses, furniture etc to settle their debt obligations.

Debt -911 will conduct a detailed assessment of your personal financial affairs

Repayment terms are extended indefinitely

Rehabilitation can only occur after 5 years

One, easy monthly payment is made to a government approved payment distribution agency who will ensure that your money only goes towards paying your various creditors.

Payments are distributed to creditors every 3 months meaning interest adds up

Court will appoint an administrator to manage your money which also incurs costs.

Debt-911 negotiates your revised debt repayments on your behalf. There is no need for our client to contact their creditors.

Fees are  12.5% plus VAT + distribution costs per month

The legal process will cost in excess of R 20 000.00

Debt repayment periods are extended and often the interest rates are renegotiated, sometimes down to Zero.

The payment becomes a salary deduction so your employers are brought into the fray and they will know about the nitty gritty of your personal financial situation.

Client needs to be able to pay off at least 15% of the debt owed. Its often not in the best interest of the client but very beneficial for the credit lender.

Clients emerge from the debt review process with an unblemished credit record.

Only applies to debts of less than R 50 000.00


Debt review is one of the cheapest methods of debt reduction.

Would you like to explore your Debt review options?

If you find yourself thinking about how you are going to meet your monthly repayments, simply call us, SMS Help to 40935 or fill out the form alongside and one of our trained debt counsellors will call you to assess your personal situation and give you free advice.