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During Covid-19 Pandemic

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa is increasing daily as evidenced in the rapidly rising number of infections and related deaths.

The Covid19 pandemic truly created an unprecedented situation which affects all of us and difficult decisions needed to be made to protect lives.

As per regulations our staff is working from remote locations and as a result of this we therefore anticipate a possible delay in turnaround time to queries and requests.

Use the specific email address provided below and the correct team will receive and process your requests. This eliminates the handover of tasks and thus also any unnecessary delays in processing your requests.

Departmental Contacts 

Only for COB’s and updated balances                5 Days

All proposal responses and proposal requests

All debt review-related legal documents

All termination notifications and re instatements        5 Days   

All general inquiries         3 Days

All other debt review queries (i.e. statements, etc.)       5 Days

Escalations       5 Days

All other debt review queries (i.e. statements, etc.)     5 Days

17.1 request or amendments